NEW YORK, N.Y. /New York Netwire/ — EaseUS Todo Backup, developed by the world leading backup and security software company EaseUS Software, is the most reliable data backup and recovery software with significant cost and time savings. It includes all needed backup functions, especially disk/partition clone which can help users manage archival safety.

“EaseUS Todo Backup Free. This is the program we’ll be using to migrate your installation. It’s easy to use, free, and it can clone partitions from a big drive to a smaller drive, which is crucial for this process (since your SSD is probably smaller than your current hard drive),” said Whitson Gordon from Lifehacker.

* Upgrade the older smaller hard disk to a newer larger SSD without reinstalling the operating system and applications.
* Transfer all data from one disk to another.
* Ensure data security by making a copy of damaged hard disk via sector level and recovering lost data from the copied disk.
* Clone hard disk without interrupting your business work, especially minimize server downtime when transferring Server from one hard disk to another bigger hard disk.

As an advanced and reliable data backup and system disaster recovery software for both home and business, it also offers powerful features:
* Schedule backup, incremental backup, differential backup.
* System backup, network backup, disk/partition backup.
* SQL/Exchange Server database backup and recovery.
* Recover to dissimilar hardware for easy system migration.
* Tape, NAS, dynamic and GPT backup.
* Built-in bootable disk for disaster recovery.
* System backup/restore and deployment via PXE.

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About EaseUS:

The company provides professional IT solutions for home, education and SMB users, service providers in data recovery, backup, system optimization and partition manager on both Windows and Mac platforms. For more information, please visit .

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