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OWENSBORO, Ky., Aug. 6, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Greener Owensboro Recycling celebrates their 3rd year of business with over 1,250,000 pounds of recycled waste collected. Starting with a few neighborhood homes and a small truck and trailer in July 2010, GO Recycling has grown to now serving over 1,000 residential and business customers in Daviess County and Owensboro Kentucky.

“It is great so many people in our community are dedicated to saving the earth’s natural resources and reducing the foot print they leave on the planet. 1,250,000 pounds ultimately equals lots of trees, water, and other valuable resources. Many people do not realize the positive financial impact recycling provides as well. It is much cheaper to recycle plastic bottles than it is to make them from scratch,” said John Fentress, owner of GO Recycling.

GO Recycling is also growing and gaining efficiencies in its own operations. Due to advances in sorting technologies at recycling centers, customers no longer need to separate their materials. This technology saves both GO Recycling and their customers lots of time and effort. “Customers simply throw all their recyclables in one bin or totter and the machines handle the separation,” said Fentress.

In late July GO Recycling added a new truck for collection with separated bins allowing recycling and other waste materials to be picked up at the same time by the same truck. This provides greater efficiencies and ultimately reduces their own footprint on the environment. “Not only does it help us reduce our business footprint, but it also helps us be competitive on pricing as well,” said Fentress.

Another step Go Recycling has made to increase efficiencies is launching a full service website at http://saveowensboro.com/ . Both residential and business customers can now learn more about services, determine items available for recycling and residential customers can sign up and manage their accounts online. “We wanted to make our services as accessible as possible and we hope in time to reduce our paper billings as well,” said Fentress. Go Recycling customers can currently pay by credit card and PayPal through the website.

Full waste management services are available for Daviess County residents only. For residents of the city of Owensboro, GO Recycling provides recycling services on the same days as normal trash pick-up.

“As people learn more about the benefits of recycling and the impact it can have both in terms of resources and financial savings, we expect the number of households recycling to grow,” said Fentress.

Customers interested in recycling and its advantages for our resources and environment are encouraged to visit http://saveowensboro.com/ .

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