NEW YORK, N.Y., Feb. 3, 2011 /New York Netwire/ — Have you ever heard of a drinkable cosmetic? While most hair-conditioning products are limited to hair, e-CURE Treatment products by Armada-Style USA may also be used for the skin and users can swallow it down too.

e-CURE Treatment encompasses two products – M-3.2 and P-3.2. Both were derived in Japan and have earned a reputation by salons, worldwide, as being “miraculous water.”

M-3.2 is a conditioning product made from all-natural ingredients such as deep sea minerals and wild plant minerals. The minerals create a protective layer on the hair’s exterior to prevent oxidation. And, since no harmful ingredients are used, the product may also be used on skin and even ingested. Hair will become shiny; skin will feel supple.

So, how does it work? M-3.2 rearranges the fine balance of electrons to increase moisture and mineral content, leading to fuller, healthier and shinier hair.

P-3.2 strengthens the hair post-treatment and seals its positive effect. It also makes hair less prone to damage over the long term.

“Our primary mission is to provide salons and their clients with a product that is not only safe, but effective,” says Mayu Hayashi, president of Armada-Style. “Our products replenish lost moisture and restore hair and body from the inside out.”

Hayashi adds that, “When clients visit a salon for a hair coloring or other chemical process, their hair is covered with a silicone or polymer product to make hair feel smooth. However, our concept is different. We restore in advance, so when a treatment is administered, the condition of the hair will only improve – we want to eliminate damaged hair completely.”

These two main products have no harmful effects on the body. If it gets sprayed in the eye – don’t worry. Thirsty? They may not be the tastiest products out there, but they’ll do the job. The bottom line – they work.

These products are used by more than 2,500 salons, worldwide. For more information, visit: .