INDIANA, Pa. /New York Netwire/ — Zen-tinel, a national manufacturer and distributor of mobile surveillance systems is pleased to announce it has partnered with Safety, Claims and Litigation Services, LLC (SCLS), an affiliate of National Interstate Insurance Company, to provide Accident Event Recorder (AER) technology to school bus contractors. As a preferred vendor partner, Zen-tinel is offering camera systems which are proven to enhance driver performance, reduce accidents and save lives.

Zen-tinel’s Continuous Event Camera system is equipped with three cameras designed to monitor specific areas of the bus. One camera records views from the vehicle’s front window; a second camera captures the driver and the stairs of the bus; while a third records the children in their seats. In the case of an accident, the AER video footage provides concrete evidence to help understand the causes of the event and exonerate drivers when they are not at fault.

Zen-tinel’s G-force software also maintains a database of unsafe behaviors such as hard braking, unnecessary idling, and rapid acceleration. Reviewing these events is extremely valuable in coaching and training drivers, and results in improved driver safety, fewer accidents, and a reduction of unnecessary and costly litigation.

Larry Vaughn, President of Zen-tinel, said, “SCLS and National Interstate, like Zen-tinel, are committed to the safety of every child, and we are proud to partner with a leading provider of passenger transportation insurance. AERs can only help lower bus accidents and fatalities among schoolchildren while keeping safety affordable for the districts.”

Jim Parks, Vice President of National Interstate, said, “We are pleased to assist our clients by offering AER technology through SCLS’ customer loyalty program. Our goal is to provide a mechanism to help school bus contractors control their insurance costs while making transportation safer for drivers, children and the general public. It’s not surprising that safer drivers have fewer and less severe accidents, resulting in improved claims experience and lower overall insurance premiums.”

About Zen-tinel:

Zen-tinel Mobile Surveillance & Management Systems, located in Indiana, Pa., has been developing mobile surveillance systems for 10 years and is committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and support services. For information about this product, visit or call (724) 357-9709.

About National Interstate and Safety, Claims and Litigation Services, LLC:

National Interstate Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of National Interstate Corporation, is a specialty property and casualty insurance company with a niche orientation and focus on the transportation industry. National Interstate insures 32 percent of School Bus Fleet’s 2012 Top 50 Contractors. Safety, Claims and Litigation Services, LLC provides risk management services and expertise for National Interstate customers. For more information, visit and

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