Yaa Boakye and Lauren Wallett

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y., Dec 01, 2023 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Creatrix SaaS announces the world’s first custom-built prescriptive AI: a visionary collaboration between Lauren Wallett and Yaa Boakye. Creatrix is a revolutionary Prescriptive AI platform that is set to transform creative content marketing.

Lauren Wallett: Creatrix Visionary

Conceived by South African innovator Lauren Wallett, Creatrix marks a new era for creatives by offering data-infused strategies and custom marketing deliverables – at the touch of a button.

A seasoned entrepreneur, Lauren brings 20 years of expertise to Creatrix. Her vision is for Creatrix to set the standard of excellence for modern-day marketing.

How It Works

Creatrix is an all-in-one content marketing generator. Like a universal travel adapter, it takes predictive analytics, audience sentiment, personalized creative direction, and generative AI into one super-tool. It prescribes what content will get the best results and then it creates that content for you.

Currently, there is no other tool in the world that combines these verticals.

Unlike standard AI like ChatGPT which is trained on bulk data, Creatrix stands out by running on micro-data sets from social media’s top-performing posts only. The quality of relevant data ensures superior results that predict higher engagement, audience growth, and sales.

“Why would you start from average when you have access to leveraged excellence? When you begin with the best, you get to expand into places you haven’t even dreamed of yet. We get to think bigger than content optimization. If you can dream it, Creatrix can do it for you. You just need to know what you want.,” said Lauren Wallett.

Lauren believes that Prescriptive AI could become a new industry that transcends marketing into a superior approach to business success.

Yaa Boakye’s Vision for Creatrix

First-generation, American-born Yaa Boakye, a trailblazer in health and wellness marketing, is the first to own a custom-built Creatrix model.

Yaa discovered Creatrix online, through Lauren’s videos showcasing her groundbreaking work, before the tool launches in 2024. This digital encounter sparked a collaboration that signifies the global transcendence of Creatrix.

Yaa Boakye plans to use Creatrix to revolutionize health and wellness communication. With her extensive background in dietetics and personal training, Yaa intends to craft marketing campaigns that are not only data-driven but also deeply empathetic and personalized. She envisions using advanced analytics to understand and anticipate the needs and preferences of her audience, allowing her to create content that resonates. Yaa’s goal is to bridge the gap between AI and the human element in healthcare communication, ensuring that her strategies genuinely connect with people’s lives and experiences. With Creatrix, Yaa stands ready to redefine the standards of health and wellness marketing, providing solutions that are as empathetic as they are efficient.

“The health and wellness space was previously dominated by limited voices that don’t reflect the global majority of buying power. I’m here to increase the potential reach of marketing messaging through resonance. Multiple perspectives give us alternative narratives for more interesting, relatable campaigns,” said Yaa Boakye.

Each Creatrix model is an extension and expression of the owner. Yaa is shaping hers to offer opportunities to engage in nuanced conversations that reach untapped audiences.

A New Dawn for Creative Excellence

“We don’t need to churn faster content or speed up redundant processes – but that’s what most generative AI tools do. Creatrix starts with content results, taking the best insights, and applying them directly to your creative strategy. There’s no guesswork, only great work. Creatrix starts each new project from a baseline of brilliance and elevates the marketing materials, starting from excellence,” said Lauren Wallett.

“Creatrix blends art with science. I get to train my model based on my creative perspective, like a director partners with her cinematographer to create a feature film. I use the feedback from my audience to inform each choice into materials that captivate and connect. It’s the compassionate creativity that drew me in, the human-first approach,” said Yaa Boakye.

Women in AI

Lauren Wallett leads a new direction in the male-dominated tech industry, focusing on intentional growth and meaningful partnerships rather than the usual ‘hustle and hack culture” that rushes rapid scaling at the cost of quality.

“Faster isn’t better. AI means that productivity is won. We’ve saved time and money and now we get to ask what happens next? Beyond productivity is creativity and that’s where Creatrix begins,” says Lauren Wallett.

Creatrix champions diversity and values women’s perspectives, demonstrated by its dynamic board members, including powerhouses Jen Henriksen and Victoria Chemko who are known for their innovative, progressive business and marketing strategies across a diverse range of industries.

Through a commitment to thoughtful, inclusive development, Creatrix isn’t just developing a product; it’s cultivating a new paradigm in the world of tech startups, one that values diversity, depth, and long-term significance over fleeting success.

Access to a personal Creatrix model is granted through a selective application process. This exclusivity underscores the immense power of the voices we listen to and our collective responsibility to ensure that our future is inclusive, respectful, diverse, and creative.

A Commitment to Re-Imagining Our Future

The collaboration between Lauren and Yaa symbolizes a commitment to creative change. They remind us that in times of unprecedented change, variety is our superpower.

Fusing AI and creativity, we get to rethink marketing for a future that’s rich in multifaceted success for all of us.

Learn more: https://dev.creatrixsaas.com/

Contact Information:

Lauren Wallett: Lauren@creatrixsaas.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/creatrix.saas/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/93213714

Website: https://creatrixsaas.com/waitlist

Application: https://forms.gle/bdhoCcLcpnefpymK9

Blog: https://laurenwallett.com/contentwallett/

Case Studies: https://ilovemalva.com/category/creative-strategy/

Yaa Boakye: yaa.asantewaa.boakye@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wellnessmarketingwizards/


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