HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. /New York Netwire/ — Innovative Stone, known globally for its commercial work and regionally with their Fabrication Division serving residential clients, will host an Open to the Public Auction Sale to clear out hundreds of items from surplus stock.

The Public Auction will be held on Wednesday, May 23 starting at 10 a.m. at Innovative Stone’s Warehouse location of 110 Plant Avenue, Hauppauge, NY. Inspection and preview of items will be held May 22, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

IAAS Worldwide of Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania will conduct the sale. Alan D. Loeser of IAAS commented that “this sale will be of special interest not only to home improvement shops and stores, but to contractors and carpenters, tile masons, specialty bathroom and kitchen designers, but to the handymen and women that are ready for a kitchen or bath remodel and want a great deal on tile and marble flooring, sinks, granite slab countertops, hardware and more. There’s hundreds and hundreds of items, all beautiful colors.”

Loeser went on to describe the tile, marble and granite to be of top quality, with box lots of tile and flooring to be in hundreds of square footage, not small lots. “This is not just a ‘one box here, one box there,’ sale. These are complete rooms, people can come with their measurements and leave with exactly what they need and not be disappointed.”

For example, Loeser said, there are the popular subway tiles and also 12-inch square black granite tiles. He also listed the 12-inch by 24-inch polished marble tiles, used for flooring and walls, as well as the fashionable bowl sinks as well as porcelain and metal kitchen type sinks.

If you’re not able to be in the Hauppauge, N.Y. area in the middle of the week, well, according to Loeser, that’s no problem. “At IAAS Worldwide, we frequently conduct sales that buyers from around the world attend online via Proxibid. Simply logon to: www.proxibid.com/IAAS during the hours of the Sale and you’re linked to it virtually and able to bid along with the bidders that are physically there.” Loeser also said that his company posts inventory pictures on their website, www.iaasworldwide.com in advance of the sale, so interested parties can get a feel for what is available.

Located in Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania, IAAS Worldwide offers services such as appraisals, liquidations, auctions and reclamation services. IAAS Worldwide pays finders fees for tips on closing or downsizing plants.

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