ORA SystemSOUTHGATE, Mich. /New York Netwire/ — Southgate Surgery Center today announced that it has acquired the groundbreaking ORA System to support its ophthalmic surgeon’s ability to bring more precise vision outcomes for patients having cataract surgery.

According to Kim Chacon, R.N., Safety and Infection Control Officer at Southgate Surgery Center, “The ORA can also be used for LASIK, radial keratotomy (RK) and photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) patients whose corneas have changed and they need a premium lens adjusted or implanted for vision correction.”

ORA-guided procedures enable surgeons to measure the eye and refine outcomes during the procedure, rather than having to “wait and see” as with traditional cataract surgery.

Southgate Surgery Center’s Administrator, Linda Phillips, R.N., said, “ORA calculates the prescription of the implantable lens real-time, during surgery, with a greater level of precision. We are very excited that our patients will experience the benefits of this new technology. We expect patient satisfaction to be extremely high.”

The new technology is proven to significantly improve post-op outcomes compared to in-office biometry and intraocular lens formulas: Nearly 80 percent of ORA-guided patients are within 0.50 diopter of intended visual outcome post-op, compared to 60 percent with traditional cataract surgery.

ORA is also proven to be particularly effective at reducing — by as much as two to five times — the need for a follow-up or enhancement procedure.

The ORA System(R) is compatible with all premium intraocular lenses and is especially helpful in treating patients with astigmatism and cataract patients with previous LASIK surgery.

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