TEMECULA, Calif., March 4, 2024 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Publishers Newswire (PNW), an online news publisher covering books, music and software launched in 2004, has announced its latest semi-annual “books to bookmark” list of eight new and interesting books from small publishers and self-published authors in North America published over the past year. These books are often overlooked due to not coming from major traditional N.Y. book publishing houses.

Books to Bookmark March 2024
Image caption: Books to Bookmark March 2024.

“The publishing market still looks to be strong, with frequent publication of books by both new and existing authors,” says PNW editor and publisher, Christopher Laird Simmons, who has worked in the publishing world since the late ‘70s, and is also CEO of the website’s parent company, NEOTROPE®.

Herewith are 8 interesting reads recently published, worth a look (no specific order):


“The EPIC Goal Workbook: The Guide to Achieving Extraordinary, Powerful, Impactful and Courageous Goals” (ISBN: 978-1956955682; paperback; Legacy Launch Pad), written by Anna David, a leading speaker on goal setting. The process David’s workbook outlines is a combination of practical and spiritual: it involves writing down a goal, describing in present tense what life will be like when the goal is achieved, pasting images that represent the achieved goal in the pages of the workbook, noting the actions that will be required to achieve it and then waiting for the results.

Learn more: https://publishersnewswire.com/publishing-legacy-launch-pad-publishing-releases-workbook-on-how-to-meet-goals-by-goal-setting-speaker-anna-david/


Author Michiko Sakamoto-Senge invites readers on a captivating journey through the pages of her new book, “Beauty of a New Land: The Lives and Legacies of Five Immigrant Women in Canada” (ISBN: 978-0228896807). This compelling work explores the remarkable stories of Lina de Guevara, Hanny Pannekoek, Hemi Gunasinghe, Comfort Ero, and the author herself – five extraordinary elder immigrant women who forged meaningful lives for themselves while contributing to a just society for others. In “Beauty of a New Land,” Sakamoto-Senge delves into the personal narratives of these women, shedding light on the complex cultural dynamics that exist within immigrant families who become Canadians. The book celebrates their contributions to Canadian society and, in response, what Canada has offered them.

Learn more: https://publishersnewswire.com/publishing-new-book-offers-a-window-into-the-lives-of-immigrant-women/


First time author Cindy Lane takes readers on a fun journey filled with laughs and love with, “Smelly Begins” (ISBN: 978-1998190638). “Smelly Begins” is the first tale in The Adventures of Smelly Rogers, a triple treat encompassing infant, toddler, and children’s stories – three books in one. With a delightful mix of rhyme, rhythm, and humor, Smelly gracefully explores the world, embodying curiosity, patience, and understanding. The COVID related death of one of her high school friends, known by name to her children and often a subject of shared stories, became the poignant catalyst inspiring her to start writing.

Learn more: https://publishersnewswire.com/publishing-cindy-lane-smelly-begins-a-heartening-trilogy-illustrated-by-an-artist-with-autism-celebrates-love-and-joy-while-stretching-the-family-budget-with-three-books-in-one/


“TRAUMERGY” (ISBN: 978-1633572874; New Harbor Press) by Patrick R. Carberry is a science fiction thriller that’s as compelling as it is provoking. The author invites readers to join him on a captivating journey where he delves into what he calls TRAUMERGY – also known as traumatic energy. This Sci-Fi mystery work urges readers to think outside the box. Consider this. What if traumatic events were stored in the brain as traumatic memories and could be viewed with new technology?

Learn more: https://publishersnewswire.com/publishing-new-sf-book-offers-fictional-window-into-the-intersection-of-science-and-traumatic-events/


Grab your favorite pen, and a copy of the newly-released “My Journal” (ISBN: 978-1779411716; Tellwell Talent), an empowering guided kindness journal created by international figure skating coach Robert O’Toole. “My Journal” is not just a daily planner; it’s an invitation to embark on a path of positivity, self-reflection, and acts of love and kindness. “My Journal” isn’t just for personal use; it’s a powerful tool for building a motivated, inspired, and creative culture wherever you need it. Whether in the office or ice rink, “My Journal” is a roadmap to creating a more compassionate and caring global community.

Learn more: https://publishersnewswire.com/publishing-introducing-my-journal-by-robert-otoole-a-tool-for-motivation-inspiration-love-and-kindness/


Author Viterose Van Huis invites readers to embark on a profound exploration of self-discovery with her latest release, “Bones in the Alley” (ISBN: 978-1779413772; paper). “Bones in the Alley”is  a republishing of her initial inspiring work that first graced bookshelves in 2015. Spanning the challenges of Van Huis’s tumultuous childhood in Barbados to her new life in America, “Bones in the Alley” is an inspiring account of spiritual growth. Vulnerable and authentic, “Bones in the Alley” is the true tale of one woman’s resilience in the face of adversity as she learns that self-discovery is essential in the pursuit of happiness and meaning. “Bones in the Alley” is more than a book; it is a helping hand, teaching readers that the answers to life’s challenges are within you.

Learn more: https://publishersnewswire.com/publishing-embark-on-a-journey-to-self-awareness-with-bones-in-the-alley-by-viterose-van-huis/


Emerging author Douglas A. King has recently released “An Innocent World” (IBSN: 978-0228828884), a captivating exploration of an alternative reality where the consequences of Adam and Eve’s actions are reconsidered. In this book, King envisions a world vastly different from our own, inhabited by immortal beings reminiscent of classic space aliens, promoting a society free from harm and conflict.

Learn more: https://publishersnewswire.com/publishing-emerging-author-douglas-a-king-unveils-thought-provoking-novel-an-innocent-world/


94-year-old author Bob Herpe has released of the paperback version of his latest suspense-thriller, “The Other Side of Crisis” (ISBN: 979-8350927269). This action thriller has been described as, “…a gripping work of fiction, brimming with action and suspense, as it delves into the lives of Ernie Gravnick, a retired police chief, and Riana, an Israeli flight attendant with a background in special forces. In this thrilling narrative, Gravnick becomes the target of ‘The Ghost,’ a ruthless serial killer responsible for the death of his wife.”

Learn more: https://publishersnewswire.com/publishing-bob-herpe-releases-his-second-book-a-thrilling-new-novel-the-other-side-of-crisis/


Learn more about additional books you’ve probably never heard of here: https://publishersnewswire.com/pnw/book-news/


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