NEW YORK, N.Y., March 25, 2011 /New York Netwire/ — Presidential Who’s Who announced this week that one of its members, Barbara Barton, executive and nutritional coach for Isagenix(R), is working to help others reach their ultimate potential and achieve their goals.

“Isagenix is the world leader in cleansing, replenishing and anti-aging,” explains Barton. “The company continues to work diligently to further advance the product’s ability to reverse the aging process and to dramatically increase health and longevity.”

Currently, Isagenix(R) has annual earnings of more than one billion dollars in sales. In 2008, Barton became its 24th millionaire.

“This is a great accomplishment,” says MarkAnthony McGuiness, CEO of Presidential Who’s Who, “and we did not want this milestone to go unnoticed. She is a great asset to our organization.”

About Barbara Barton:

Barton attributes her success to a positive inner attitude, persistence and hard work. Prior to becoming an independent Isagenix(R) Associate, she was a former Mrs. Utah and recipient of the Businesswoman of the Year Award. She also participated in the Ms. Senior America pageant in 2008.

She has worked in numerous positions that have served as the platform for her current success including serving as vice president for the Women’s Utah State Wool Growers and being vice president of the Sanpete political party. She was also the spokesperson for and served on the Board of Directors for the motivational company, Champions for Life.

As an Isagenix(R) Independent Associate, Barton works diligently to demonstrate that people can become younger looking. She also teaches people about the importance of rejuvenation, detox, nutriceuticals and more.

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About Presidential Who’s Who:

The Presidential Who’s Who organization is a leader in the recognition of excellence in business and professional arenas. Each year, it reviews thousands of profiles and presents the cream of the crop in its annual directory, “Presidential Who’s Who Among Business and Professional Achievers.” It has exceptionally high standards when it comes to performance and leadership and members enjoy exclusive networking opportunities.

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