NEW YORK, N.Y. /New York Netwire/ — James Allen’s new luxury retail portal provides a genuine alternative to the outdated practices of other online jewelers. By empowering customers with the ability to view actual diamonds in 360-degree detail, James Allen is bringing a new era of transparency to online diamond retail.

The major innovation is James Allen’s exclusive never-before-seen Diamond Display Technology(TM), which magnifies diamonds more than 15X in high-resolution and lets users interact with diamonds in 360 degrees. Now, customers can truly experience a diamond’s beauty, shape, cut, color, clarity and sparkle all from the comfort of their homes.

“When purchasing an engagement ring, the diamond you choose makes all the difference… and it needs to be seen. A grading certificate is not enough because it cannot describe a diamond’s beauty and sparkle. Some online retailers try to ‘describe’ their diamonds, but do you really want to buy something so meaningful without seeing it first?” says David Berkovits, Marketing Director at James Allen.

James Allen has built an enduring reputation as an affordable luxury jewelry brand with exceptional customer service. James Allen only sells the highest quality diamonds, at the lowest possible prices, and backs every sale with its ‘Risk-Free Retail’ policy. James Allen’s Risk-Free Retail policy includes a 100 percent full refund, free 60-day returns, a lifetime warranty, a lifetime upgrade option, 24/7 customer service and free shipping.

“Our new Diamond Display Technology(TM) puts you in complete control of the diamond buying process and we are the only jeweler in the world to offer this level of transparency. We believe that a diamond is much more than just a commodity and we want you to feel confident that the diamond you buy is the one your heart intended to have.”

James Allen has expanded its variety of diamonds to include a wide selection of beautiful, rare Canary, Pink, Green, Orange, Blue and Chocolate Brown fancy color diamonds. These magnificent stones are frequently sought after by collectors, yet James Allen’s competitive prices make fancy color diamonds accessible to consumers who are shopping within a budget as well. Additionally, James Allen now offers natural gemstones as an alternative center stone. Currently, customers can choose from a variety of Pink Sapphires, Yellow Sapphires, Blue Sapphires, Red Rubies and Green Emeralds, and the collection will continue to expand throughout the year.

The rebranded site also features The James Allen Collection – an exclusive hand-crafted line of engagement rings created by top designers to complement any style and budget. These unique designs are an exciting new addition to the James Allen brand.

“As the leader in online Diamond Display Technology(TM), we are already working on the future generation of display technologies that will be introduced later this year,” says Gil Weiner, James Allen’s IT manager.

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