NEPTUNE CITY, N.J. /New York Netwire/ — Leave it to Nylabone(R), the makers of safe, healthy chews since 1955, to combine a dog’s two favorite pastimes – playing and eating – into one great new product line: Romp’n Chomp(TM) Treat Toys. The new line, available in pet specialty stores this spring, makes treats last longer while keeping dogs entertained and promoting safe, healthy chewing. T.F.H./Nylabone is a subsidiary of Central Garden & Pet Company (NASDAQ:CENT).

“Pet parents have made it clear that they want quality, value and safety in their dogs’ play products,” says Mike Connelly, Vice President of Marketing for Nylabone(R) Products based in Neptune City, N.J. “The new Romp’n Chomp(TM) Treat Toys are essentially toys which offer unlimited play value, and can also be filled with our natural, made-in-the-USA treats. The marriage of treat and toy helps to extend the value and life of the treats over a longer period of time.”

He adds that filling the durable and long-lasting toys with treats or kibble allows pet parents to use the toys as rewards for training and behavior reinforcement. Furthermore, healthy chewing helps keeps a dog’s teeth in tip-top shape.

Treat Toys Varieties:

The new Freezer Bone features a snap-in Nylabone treat shaped like Nylabone’s classic Souper. Great for teething puppies as well as dogs of all sizes, the bone has fill n’ freeze corners for added fun. Available in two sizes and made in the USA, it encourages appropriate chewing and its ridges help to clean teeth.

The fun and inventive Shish-Ka-Bone is an interchangeable treat holder with chicken flavored nylon ends and nylon center. It features chew disks that slide on to the middle of the toy for added chewing fun. Dogs can’t get the toys apart thanks to the safety lock mechanism that holds the chew disks in place. Providing longer-lasting fun and chewing for powerful chewers, this innovative toy has textured nubs for added dental benefits. It is available in two sizes to suite all size dogs, and replacement disks are available.

The Souper Treat Toy is made to look like Nylabone’s popular Souper, but features a snap-in treat bar. Designed with power-chewers in mind, this new made-in-the-USA treat toy satisfies a dog’s natural chewing instincts.

It spins, it wobbles, it helps clean teeth and massage gums: it’s the rubber Triple Treat Toy! Featuring snap-in Nylabone exclusive treats shaped like the popular Nylabone Souper, this ingenious three-armed toy will keep dogs occupied longer! Made in the USA, it encourages independent play and helps promote good dental health.

What says dog more than fetching a stick? Dogs love retrieving and chewing on sticks, so Nylabone created the rubber Hollow Stick Treat Toy. Like a stick found outside, it’s an easy shape for dogs to grasp, and it provides hours of interactive play and retrieval. This stick, however, has a hollow core that can be filled with a Nylabone Treat Bar. And, like other Nylabone products, chewing on this stick will massage gums and help clean teeth.

The rubber Treat Ball is a versatile toy that’s great for toss-and-play fun. It has shape pockets that can be filled with peanut butter and interior spaces for a variety of Nylabone treats like the Treat Bars, Healthy Edible Chews, or Treat Bits.

Finally, the rubber Wobbler Treat Toy is sure to please all dogs! Fill the center with Nylabone Treat Bars or Healthy Edible Chews. Or, smear the hollows with peanut butter and freeze it for longer-lasting play. With a weighted-bottom, the toy wobbles and is easy to grip yet its space-capsule shape makes for erratic bouncing fun. This is one treat toy that is sure to please!

The new Nylabone(R) Romp’n Chomp(TM) Treat Toys and refill treats, disks, bars and treat bits will be available in pet specialty stores this spring, with suggested retail prices ranging from $4.09 to $30.99.

About Nylabone(R) Products:

Nylabone(R) Products is a respected producer of premium dog products, and the Leader in Responsible Pet Care for Over 50 Years(R). Nylabone is a division of T.F.H. Publications, Inc., the world’s most distinguished publisher of high-quality care and training books for pets, and a founding member of the American Pet Products Manufacturing Association (APPMA). Nylabone is recognized for its excellence, quality, innovation and leadership in today’s pet industry. Its patented and patent-pending products are frequently industry award-winners. T.F.H./Nylabone is a subsidiary of Central Garden & Pet Company (NASDAQ : CENT). For more information, visit .

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