NYC Mayor BloombergNEW YORK CITY, N.Y. /New York Netwire/ — NY Mayor Bloomberg today announced new temporary guidelines to speed heating oil deliveries and boiler repairs that will ensure New Yorkers can heat homes and businesses. As a result of Hurricane Sandy, sufficient quantities of the low sulfur oil required by New York City law have been harder to obtain and distribute.

To ensure that New Yorkers have access to heating fuel, the City has temporarily suspended the sulfur limits, which will allow the use of oils with higher sulfur content through December 7th. The City also has streamlined emergency work permits for boiler repairs and replacements to reduce the application timeline by as much as two weeks.

“As the City continues its recovery from Hurricane Sandy and the weather becomes colder, we need to ensure that New Yorkers have access to the resources they need,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “These new temporary guidelines will help accelerate the supply of heating oil and expedite boiler repairs in homes and businesses impacted by the storm.”

“Throughout the storm and recovery effort, we have been working closely with the industries we regulate to ensure New Yorkers have enough fuel to heat their homes,” said Commissioner Strickland. “And to help get people back in their homes and speed recovery for businesses, we have streamlined the application process for emergency boiler work so that New Yorkers can get repairs started today and worry about the paperwork later.”

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) issued the temporary waiver of the .15 percent sulfur limit set by the New York City Administrative Code for heating No. 4. Last week, DEP issued a temporary waiver of the requirement set forth in Section 24-168.1(b) of the New York City Administrative Code that grade no. 2, 4, and 6 heating oil contain at least two percent biodiesel by volume. New York State also has issued an executive order temporarily suspending its low sulfur requirements relating to no. 2 fuel oil sold in New York City.

DEP also will allow contractors to provide basic information about boiler work – including the type of boiler being installed and information about the licensed installer or plumber – to fast-track the permitting process by as much as two weeks. Information about where to submit the work permit application is available on