WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. /New York Netwire/ — Neuro Alert, an established healthcare organization and recognized leader in neuromonitoring services for surgeons, surgical groups and hospitals across the United States, has recently appointed six members to serve on their board of advisors. The new members of the team come from a variety of backgrounds and have a proven track record of success in business.

“We are convinced that we will benefit significantly from their individual strengths and expertise and will be better-equipped to achieve all our professional goals,” says Karthik Seshan, Director of Operations. “My colleagues and I look forward to working with them.”

At Neuro Alert’s quarterly meetings, the members review, discuss and outline a specific course of action and strategies to broaden the organization’s outreach, streamline operations, and carry the business forward.

“We are pleased to have savvy and accomplished business professionals on our team,” says T.V. Seshan MD, a board-certified clinical physiatrist, who is also a founder and clinical director of Neuro Alert. “All members of the board are proven leaders in their respective fields, and each one of them brings a wealth of experience and valuable perspective to the table. And that’s exactly what we need to advance our business.”

The members of the board of advisors include:

Richard Bernstein is a successful entrepreneur and visionary, who created, designed and financed Dental World Centers, Inc. – the first chain of dental centers specializing in same-day restorative dentistry, to go public in the United States in 1980. Subsequently, Mr. Bernstein has founded and participated in several U.S. and international asset management and investment banking companies. Currently, he is a CEO and co-founder of CR Energy Systems and a member of Climo Consulting.

Ben Cerrone is a seasoned marketing and PR professional. He has over 30 years of experience servicing hundreds of public and private companies in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare. In addition, Mr. Cerrone has created a multitude of successful business TV shows, many of which have been produced at the American Stock Exchange (AMEX).

Cleveland Johnson, Jr is a former Regional Director of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), where he successfully supervised a region with an operating budget of $64 billion. Throughout his remarkable career, he has developed a range of influence that spans all levels of government, as well as the private sector. Currently, Mr. Johnson is President of CRESI and a member of the Board of Directors of All State Life Insurance Co. of New York, N.Y. and IntrAmerica Life Insurance Company of Northbrook, Ill.

Farrukh Kazmi has years of experience working for major financial institutions on Wall Street, including Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, TGK Capital Partners, and others. He specializes in retail and institutional trading and has a special interest in technical trading and technical portfolio management. As a managing director of

A & A Asset Management and a registered representative with Berthel Fisher & Co., Mr. Kazmi provides customized brokerage and money management services for individuals and companies.

Sekhar Vemparala is a well-established business owner and entrepreneur, mainly focusing on asset protection, tax planning, business protection, and life insurance solutions for other business professionals. He is a founder of wealthDNA(R) and principal of Wealth Planning Advisory Group, with offices in New York City, New Jersey and Florida.

Dr. Joseph Weisberg is a distinguished college professor, published author, and partner with Weisberg & Schonbrun Consulting. In addition, he is the owner of North Shore Rehabilitation and dean emeritus of Touro School of Health Sciences. Dr. Weisberg has been serving on the board of advisors of well-known healthcare organizations, supervising doctoral students, and conducting seminars.

About Neuro Alert:

Neuro Alert is a physician-owned and operated company providing intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM) services for surgeons, surgical groups and hospitals since 2006. The rapidly-growing Westchester N.Y.-based organization was founded by Dr. T.V. Seshan – a renowned physician, specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation and a pioneer in intraoperative monitoring (IONM). The simple yet crucial monitoring procedures, offered by Neuro Alert, are set up to detect any neurological deficits during major surgeries, allowing surgeons to gain instant feedback about their patient’s condition and avert potential adverse affects.

Neuro Alert consists of a team of experienced and highly-skilled physicians and technical professionals who work together to enhance treatment precision, reduce physician liability and ensure patient safety.

For more information about Neuro Alert, please visit http://neuroalert.com/ or call (888) 787-6267.

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