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SHERIDAN, Wyo., Dec 13, 2023 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — A new Google Chrome extension is now available that allows users to simulate typing in Google Docs. The purpose is to allow users to realistically replicate the action of live typing in Google documents. According to Undetectable AI CEO Christian Perry, “The goal of the tool is to ensure pasted content retains the appearance of being manually typed.”

“With this product, we are officially taking a stance on the maintenance of privacy, while also expanding the undetectable capabilities of our product,” says CCO Devan Leos. “The justification of this tool lies in its ability to balance scales against the pervasive misinterpretations of information provided by digital surveillance.”

The new Human Auto Typer tool is now available on the Google Chrome store as an extension. It is the third official product from Undetectable.ai

Features of the Human Auto Typer Tool

* AI-powered algorithm designed to mimic natural typing patterns

* Generate unique typing patterns for each document

* Bypass document surveillance tools like Draftback, GPTZero Origin, Originality “Watch a writer write”

* Pasted text will appear hand-typed and revised in the Google Doc version history

Users simply have to paste in text, and click start, and the Human Auto Typer will begin typing out the pasted text.


The tool is free for people subscribed to Undetectable.ai, and for non-subscribers, it is available for $5/month.

It can be installed as a Google Chrome extension and used within Google Docs.

Use Cases:

For those who simply want to simulate typing in Google Docs, they only need to paste their text into the Human Auto Typer, and click start.

For those looking to completely anonymize the process of using AI for accessibility, Undetectable.ai recommends first using its AI detector, then using the Humanizer to rewrite the text, and finally copying the text, and pasting it into Human Auto Typer on the Google document.

Users looking to transfer a hand-typed document from software other than Google Docs, to Google Docs, while maintaining the authenticity of their work, only need to use the Human Auto Typer.

Since AI detection accuracy may vary, users who hand-typed their content, and must pass AI detectors without getting flagged, are encouraged to use the Undetectable.ai detector, and if the score shows majority AI detection, then they may use the humanizer to bypass it.


While proud and confident in the public to use it’s technology responsibly, Undetectable.ai is issuing official guidelines for the Human Auto Typer being used to simulate typing in Google Docs.

Users should not:

* Use the tool for Academic misconduct* (definitions of academic misconduct may vary by institution)

* Use the tool to engage in any illegal activity* (Per the governing laws of territories of recognized democracies)

* Use the tool for purposes that would be considered, beyond a reasonable doubt, unquestionably unethical by the standards of the average person

“We understand that, given the potency of our Undetectable solutions, there may be a small number of bad actors who seek to exploit our product for malicious purposes,” said CCO Devan Leos. “While it is not feasible for us to monitor each individual user – due to our commitment to privacy and compliance – we adamantly condemn any attempts to use our tool for harm. Undetectable.ai employs automated, userless systems to detect anomalies, but we do not disclose data to any parties unless mandated by a court order in the United States. Outside the United States, we will assess our compliance with court orders from recognized democracies on a case-by-case basis.”

About Undetectable AI:

Undetectable AI(TM) is an artificial intelligence software providing AI content detection, and AI-text humanization to bypass detection. The mission of Undetectable AI is to allow users to use AI while remaining undetected. To learn more, visit the official website: https://undetectable.ai/.



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