NEW YORK, N.Y. /New York Netwire/ — Author Peter VanDenBeemt announced today the publication of his new novel ‘Memoir of an Unlikely Savior’ (ISBN: 9781490939179) available through CreateSpace, Amazon, and other retail outlets. The novel tells the story of a man who fights to overcome his autistic childhood – and succeeds.

Over the years anecdotal reports from medical and psychological professionals have told of autistic children achieving a full degree of normalcy. A recent article, “Optimal Outcome in Individuals with a History of Autism,” by Deborah Fein et al in the February 2013 issue of Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry is a recognized study that validates and explores the phenomenon. ‘Memoir of an Unlikely Savior’ incorporates factors which the author’s readings indicate contribute to such an outcome.

In “Memoir of an Unlikely Savior,” Frank would like to be successful with women and with writing, but his autistic childhood, visual impairment, dismissive parents, and narcissistic brother are too much to overcome. Then on vacation in Hawaii, Frank has what feels like a paranormal experience on the Arizona Memorial that starts him down a path of psychological and spiritual self-discovery.

In making the transitions from weird to respected, awkward to insightful, brainy to wise, his relationships with women shift from fearful to erotic, and through them doors open to unexpected opportunities with his writing. Lifting himself from the purgatory to which his past had banished him, he inadvertently helps free those he connects with from their own shadowed depths, making his story the “Memoir of an Unlikely Savior.”

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