MOUNTAIN LAKES, N.J. /New York Netwire/ — Today the EraNova Institute announces the publication of a special report, Avoiding the Long-Term Care Wipeout by Riding the Life-Extension Wave. “It offers a win-win-win strategy that can enrich three constituencies while helping America thrive again,” says Richard W. Samson, Director of EraNova and author of the report.

The constituencies are aging Americans, government, and the long-term care industry. “All three face missing the wave of the future, if not wiping out, unless something is done about long-term health,” he says. “Health care isn’t the real issue. Neither is long-term care. Americans are living longer but with long periods of unaffordable illness and disability. The real issue is real health, real wellness, real vitality past 65.” It’s not enough to pay for care, even if the money were available, he maintains. “America just can’t surge again unless we start living stronger, longer.”

The good news is that robust long-term health may be a mounting possibility that’s about to crest for those positioned to catch it. The report documents a rising tide of life-extension options including wellness technology and prevention strategies.

It also outlines awareness initiatives and financial incentives for long-term health, including:

* Long-term care insurance programs that actively promote wellness,

* Alignment of corporate wellness programs with long-term healthcare education,

* Wide-ranging tax deductions that encourage prevention, and

* Other steps including agricultural, infrastructure, consumer-product, and media innovations that incorporate long-term health into daily living.

“If aging Americans, Washington, and the long-term care industry pay attention and catch the wave, it can carry millions to robust living beyond 80, new productivity, new wealth, and an unprecedented quality of life.”

The report, published by EraNova, is available now only to members of the Long-Term Care Insurance Guild ( ), a social network and association for LTC and allied-industry professionals. On December 19, the report is scheduled to appear as an article in National Underwriter Life & Health, a news source for the life, health and financial services industries. The article will also appear on the magazine’s website, .

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