TEAL Delivers Elevated Service, Security to SMBs

WASHINGTON, D.C., Sep 27, 2023 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Aligned Technology Solutions and TechGen Consulting, two award-winning managed IT service providers, merged to form a new company called Teal. This merger is a strategic alliance, built upon complementary strengths, to deliver elevated IT and cybersecurity services to small- and medium-sized organizations – especially those with heightened cybersecurity or compliance requirements.

Elevated Service Delivery

The new brand, possessing managed IT support roots dating back to 2000, unlocks many opportunities for small organizations by delivering obsessive service. Teal focuses on building strong, partnership-level relationships with each client. This connection forms a foundation for trust, which facilitates business alignment and success. The team then adds Teal’s signature value elements that clients frequently commend.

“Our legacy partners choose to stay with us year after year because we provide them with the things they value most in managed IT services – ultra-responsiveness, intentional excellence, specialized expertise, and a deep understanding of [their] business challenges,” said Reid Johnston, Teal cofounder and Chief Information Officer. “By combining these, we can morph their challenges into exciting opportunities for enhancement. That’s how we give them the obsessive service they deserve, and we are carrying these crucial elements forward into Teal.”

Integrated Cybersecurity to Boost Client Competitiveness

Teal offers more than productivity boosting services and resolving day-to-day technology concerns. Its team of sophisticated cybersecurity professionals provides expert counsel, troubleshoots issues, and proactively establishes the necessary infrastructure and systems to manage complex compliance and security demands, which are vital to many small businesses.

Often, organizations find it challenging to hire or afford the cost of a team of certified cybersecurity and compliance professionals. Teal offers a solution by providing access to such experts. The company is competent in a variety of frameworks, including:





These proficiencies make it a viable option for small businesses with complex environments looking for a sophisticated managed service provider.

“Teal places great emphasis on cybersecurity,” explained Gar Whaley, Teal cofounder and Chief Revenue Officer. “We incorporate security as an integral part of our processes rather than an afterthought like many MSPs do. The process starts by prioritizing the application of security measures to Teal first and foremost – because our security is connected to our client’s security.”

Whaley explained that the Teal team is always looking for new ways to showcase the organization’s cyber resilience.

“We are proud to have earned the CompTIA Security Trustmark+ this year – which demonstrates our compliance with key industry regulations such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and others reliant on the NIST Framework. In addition to this accomplishment, we continually demonstrate our commitment to robust cybersecurity through unbiased risk monitoring with SecurityScorecard. Empowering our client’s success through security is at the forefront of everything we do.”

Teal closes the cybersecurity gap for many of its clients – providing the knowledge and tools needed to safeguard critical assets. Their strategic guidance helps to enhance the organization’s preparedness for future developments.

Integrating Teal’s cybersecurity solution into a small organization’s IT strategy can provide several benefits, including:

* Access to enterprise-level solutions

* Access to more partnership opportunities

* Enhanced customer trust and loyalty

* Resilience against cyber-attack disruptions

* Preserved financial stability

Continual Enhancement to Drive Client Success

The leadership team is now seizing the opportunity to optimize and streamline its service delivery. By consolidating resources, expertise, and the favorable aspects of its legacy organizations, Teal positions itself to meet its clients’ needs better. Additionally, the team is analyzing feedback from current partners to enhance its service delivery and improve client outcomes.

“Successful business leaders understand the importance of actively listening to your customers and making service improvements based on their feedback,” said Don Sauer, Teal cofounder and Chief Executive Officer. “We regularly incorporate client feedback from Help Desk experiences and biannual NPS surveys. This merger allows us to refine our services further by deeply assessing the processes, from initial client interaction to ongoing care, ensuring we meet or exceed client expectations.”

The Launch

Teal recently launched their brand by unveiling their new website on September 26. Interested parties are encouraged to visit the website to review Teal’s services and the industries it serves.

About Teal

Teal partners with small- to medium-sized organizations and provides them with advanced IT services that accelerate strategic growth through technology. Having established a legacy over two decades, the company’s commitment to delivering ultra-responsive services, prioritizing integrated cybersecurity, and investing in its staff sets it apart from its competitors.

Small business leaders deserve to optimize their IT investments and empower their teams with an award-winning partner who genuinely cares about their success.

For more information, visit the Teal website ( https://tealtech.com/ ) or follow @TealMSP on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.



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