MAPLE GLEN, Pa. /New York Netwire/ — iConcepts Inc., makers of leading Offer in Compromise Software for tax professionals, announces a new 2013 update to “OIC Tax Planner for 2012.” An interactive desktop application, OIC Tax Planner bundles required forms and current IRS Offer in Compromise regulations in a single product.

It incorporates Form 656 released May 2012 along with updated forms 433A and 433B, and all the latest forms needed by tax pros to address issues presented in the collection process of the IRS.

The systems’ Fill-in-the-Form platform allows professionals to enter data once and flow data into appropriate schedules, forms, and overflow sheets to generate Form 656. OIC Tax Planner is a component of iConcepts’ IRS Collection Suite.

“We have dedicated a great deal of time and resources to enhance OIC Tax Planner in order to meet the needs of our users,” said Vincent E. Coll, Jr., Ph.D. president of iConcepts, Inc. “The software provides practitioners with all the forms, tables, procedures, and policies required to file an Offer in Compromise with the IRS. Intuitive navigation supports quick assessment, review, and assembly-offering substantial time savings. It’s Offer in Comprise software made simple.”

OIC Tax Planner ($249) is the most powerful Offer in Compromise system available. The software comes equipped with the Q-Test module, allowing practitioners to prescreen clients for eligibility-before completing time-consuming Forms 433A (OIC) and 433B (OIC). The system also automatically calculates the minimum amount required to submit, based on IRS guidelines, and then prints ready-to-submit forms.

OIC Tax Planner comes with a dynamic Help module and automatically generates numerous IRS forms, including:
* Form 433A Individual Information. Form 433B (OIC) (just updated in Dec. 2012);
* Form 656A Income Certification for Offer in Compromise Application Fee and Payment (For Individual Taxpayers Only);
* Form 433B Business Information Form 433b (OIC);
* Form 433F Collection Information Statement;
* Form 656 Offer in Compromise;
* Form 656L Doubt as to Liability;
* Form 656PPV;
* Form 2848 Power of Attorney;
* Spousal forms, Installment Agreement Requests, Publications, and more.

“Practitioners who have filed an Offer in Compromise realize how complex the process can be, which is why we developed OIC Tax Planner,” stated Frank Stec, EA, software consultant at iConcepts. “The system provides a single all-inclusive solution that helps to minimize time spent on the preparation and negotiation required to reach a compromise with the IRS.”

iConcepts’ applications are bundled within the company’s IRS Collection Suite ($349). The suite is comprised of OIC Tax Planner, the Q-Test Module, and the IRS Manual-Interactive CD. The CD offers access to the same research resources that IRS agents and officers use-including a comprehensive collection of federal tax documents, IRS Code, regulations, announcements, revenue rulings, court proceedings, Chief Counsel directives, and more. All content is searchable. iConcepts’ applications were developed based on the needs of Enrolled Agents, CPA’s, and Tax Attorneys.

Network versions for multiple users start at $499.

About iConcepts, Inc.:

iConcepts develops applications that answer a real need in the tax, accounting and legal professions. The IRS Collection Suite is comprised of products that support a smooth and efficient Offer in Compromise process. Leveraging its proprietary Search Storm Technologies, iConcepts works with industry experts and high-end programming groups to develop leading front-line service software.

For more information, visit: or call 1-866.944.6427.

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