Oleg LolaATLANTA, Ga. /New York Netwire/ — “When it comes to traits of good developers (be it individuals or companies), a number of rather trivial things is often mentioned,” says Oleg Lola, founder of MobiDev Corporation.

“Even more qualities are too vague, stated without any explanations or comments. Having gathered opinions, we outlined the main distinctions. Here are some tips that might help business or product owners discern a software development company that values reputation and trust.”

What shows a software provider in the most obvious way, is perhaps communication. Attitude towards collaboration, main work principles – this and much more can be seen during initial conversations. What matters, is not abundant promises to create something great. The point is to delve into the project to find out what you exactly want, and give suggestions regarding the issue. That is communication. Its insufficiency blocks mutual understanding. A “yes” can be comprehended in different ways – it doesn’t necessarily mean that understanding is achieved. Meanwhile a documented vision of the end product does.

A good development company that produces its own software, can offer signing a non-compete agreement to protect the product owners’ rights regarding the idea of the application and the application itself. It’s not a case of distrust; it’s a means of making product owners confident that their idea will be solely theirs.

Agile methodology became an effective approach towards software development. It allows considering the turning tides of technology.

“Good software companies wield the latest technologies and respond to changes. They give the grounds for what they offer and advise. Expert commentary is another thing that really matters,” says Lola.

Agile presupposes suggestions and explanations, while you have the final say. This approach shows that such companies are oriented at working outcome. It means that their primary goal is not their own reward, but the success of software product – the success of product owners.

It’s vital to have a project manager for direct communication. This should be a separate staff member, not a developer. This person is responsible for the software product. A project manager has the skills to organize efficient work of the developer and quality assurance teams. The best option is when a project manager is engaged into only one project at a time. Thus he/she doesn’t get distracted, and is always ready to answer the questions about current details on the project. Project manager also writes regular reports on the spent work time. These reports can give product owners a definite picture of how properly the work is organized.

Attention to details is also an observable quality. For example, security is an ever relevant issue in numerous apps. The app must be protected so that no one is able to hack payment systems or databases. Reliable hosting and security within the app are discussed in the first place. Reputation and safety of product owners above all.

A good developer considers the needs of end users along with those of product owners. Considering the marketing purpose of the software allows implementing it more efficiently. Who will use the software? Why would they use it? How will it be used? How will end users know about it? Answers to these questions make software more useful for consumers, therefore more advantageous for product owners.

More information: http://mobidev.biz/blogs/how_to_make_a_beautiful_design.html .

Product owners may not know how good the code is. It must perform the set purpose, not more and not less, but it also should be flexible in case of possible changes. This will spare efforts and costs in the future, if the software needs to be updated/modified.

“Time constraints might be failed for several reasons, but in most cases it’s a result of improper time estimation and management. And there’s no way for a good developer to compromise the quality of the software by struggling to fit in the time limitations,” says Oleg Lola. Software companies that hire freelancers to perform the development might be prone to delays. Meanwhile a stable core of company’s own personnel is far more reliable than any third-party employees.

Product owners may also know a good development company by readiness for a long-term collaboration. It’s how the company aims to work with product owners in the future. This could be further support of the software (which is often vital), monitoring user reviews, or possible new projects. Such a readiness is a good sign – they work for the benefit of product owners.

Finding a good software provider can grow into productive collaboration, bringing mutual benefits and prospects. A reliable partner is a great asset in the tough world of business. Product owners only have to take a closer look and make a reasonable decision. This will get them closer to success.

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