MOUNTAIN LAKES, N.J. /New York Netwire/ — EraNova Institute today announced a Kickstarter crowd funding project, ‘Smile, You’re Living Longer!’ When completed, it will be an eBook of Long-Term Health CareToons(TM) that clarify life-improving choices for today’s longer-living seniors and working-age adults. “A lifespan isn’t what it used to be,” says Dick Samson, EraNova’s Director, who will lead the project.

Samson continued: “It’s no longer the old five-part drill: learn, earn, retire, decline, expire.” Since more of us are living into our 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and beyond 100, and since we’re blessed with a growing range of health and lifestyle options, “It’s a whole new ballgame.”

Now, Samson points out, there are many ways to:
* Learn, but never stop learning,
* Earn longer if we need or want to,
* Pursue new dreams instead of retiring passively,
* Put off and minimize decline,
* Get a bang out of life up until the end.

“Most people haven’t tumbled to the most important new opportunities,” says Samson. “There’s a ton of information, but it’s scattered and often contradictory. Digesting it can be time-consuming and boring. That’s why I came up with CareToons(TM), to convey the most vital facts, weeding out the jargon and junk.”

The humorous presentation adds efficiency. “People just smile and get the point. It couldn’t be simpler.”

CareToons(TM) will help people:
* Look at thornier issues such as someday needing help with tasks of daily living (long-term care),
* Focus on key facts about diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices that promote extra years of productivity.
* Explore today’s senior-living options, ranging from culture-rich assisted-living communities to modifications of one’s current home,
* Review the many ways to pay for quality senior living and care,
* Access the cornucopia of life-enriching options for those who stay active and involved.

Unlike self-help, Samson’s approach never prescribes. It informs through pleasant bursts of insight.

Although aimed at consumers, the CareToons(TM) may also be used by professionals to make points with clients or constituents. These pros include healthcare providers, suppliers of health-promoting services or products, insurance agents, financial advisers, managers of senior-living and home-care services, community leaders, and public policy makers.

For the project description and sample CareToons(TM), visit the Kickstarter page: .

With brevity and ebullience, the project will touch on many of today’s hottest issues: healthcare, health reform, Obamacare, long-term care insurance, prevention and preventive medicine, mental health, Alzheimer’s disease, food and nutrition, exercise and fitness, environmental health, wellness and wellness programs, incomes for people of all ages, the politics of wealth and poverty, and more.Samson.

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