STRATFORD, Conn. /New York Netwire/ — Northeast Heat Treatment LLC announced this week the launch of a new business serving Connecticut and Massachusetts and upper Middle Atlantic areas businesses, apartment buildings and homes.

As background, the growing incidence of bed bug problems reported through the country which by some measures has reached epidemic proportions in the metro New York City area has highly migrated into other areas north and south of New York.

Many pest control operatives, entomologist and scientists all agree that high heat treatment is a highly effective strategy to kill bed bugs and any other insects without use of chemicals, the “eco green approach.”

Northeast Heat Treatment’s mobile box truck was specially designed to not only create high temperatures lethal to bed bugs and other insects but to also have temperature monitoring systems in place to measure the effectiveness of the treatment and protect assets. There is no need to throw out sofas, beds, furniture, books anymore.

Once the assets are placed in the truck, the entire eradication process take no more than 2 hours to bring effective solutions; saving money and giving customers peace of mind. Landlords who are faced with uncooperative tenants in dealing with bed bug infestations in their buildings can realize speed and effectiveness with the heat truck.

Co Founders of Northeast Heat Treatment LLC, Mike Morin and Don Frey, say that “this mobile heat treatment is a relief to many customers who fear elimination of bed bugs is not possible.” They also say their company has been getting calls from people who are seeking heat treatment on damp and watered damaged items.

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