STRATFORD, Conn. /New York Netwire/ — In its fifth year of business and hundreds of bed bug inspections performed, Bed Bug Finders LLC announces a service option for eradication of bed bugs by means of a unique heat treatment process – “heatreat” – that works outside the home to keep from starting house fires.

Combined with over 130 years of trade heating experience, the principals of Bed Bug Finders and its technical advisors have developed this new “heatreat” process that employs the latest industry equipment standards that is 100 percent safe. There has been recent press and media about the dangers of heat treatment and as a result some homes have caught on fire.

Mike Morin, co-owner of the company states that his “heatreat” system produces heat from a central heating unit on its truck and not near the treated home eliminating any risk of fire.

“With a large ‘indirect’ biodiesel heating unit mounted on its unmarked truck, by means of large flex hose, high speed fans and monitoring technology we are able to effectively and safely kill any bed bugs and other insects,” said Morin.

Venting of the unit is done away from your location. There is no flame, fumes or bi-products of combustion enter into the heat treating area only 100 percent breathable air.

According to Morin, “Word is getting out on our heatreat process. In addition to remediation of bed bugs, the company has also performed temporary heat for homes and business and construction sites. Last month the company heated up a large residential garage of home where returning children’s camping equipment and clothes will be treated for bed bugs due to a bed bug infestation at the upstate camp site. The parents are afraid of bed bugs spreading into their home!”

People interested in knowing more about this service is asked to call 1-866-984-BUGS (2847) or go to our web site at for further information.

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