NEW YORK, N.Y. /New York Netwire/ — Anna’s Pocket Bee Venom, from Kalon Skincare, has already broken into the Top 100 bestseller list in its category on, and is rated the #1 Hottest New Beauty Product Release. These rankings have been achieved in Amazon’s Beauty department. This department includes over 300,000 products including almost every major cosmetics brand. To achieve any kind of ranking in amongst this competition in a product’s first year, let alone its first month, is an achievement.

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Kalon Skincare is a company with a difference. Ecologically clean face products made with luxurious NZ bee venom. Philanthropy is a driving force behind the company as is its ecologically clean philosophy. It is also a new brand launching out of Christchurch, New Zealand, a city recently devastated by large quakes.

Kalon Skincare is a brand new natural beauty product, using the hottest ingredient in skin care, pure NZ bee venom, for those who wish to keep their skin looking fresh, vital and new.Non greasy, Anna’s Pocket Bee Venom Vitality Cream Mask contains the best of nature’s ingredients.

The founder of Kalon Skincare – award winning actress, director and producer Anna Wilding – said that she wanted to create a product that was natural with high quality active ingredients, such as apitherapy products, but also that had a long shelf life. She wanted a product that was of benefit to the skin, no matter which climate or city she was in worldwide. “My company also uses ecologically clean natural ingredients where possible, such as bee venom from New Zealand, which is the best in the world,” says Wilding.

Kalon Skincare believes healthy skin comes as much from the inside as out. Kalon Skincare promotes healthy eating and links to recipes and health tips on it’s website. “Kalon” means beauty – a beauty that is not just skin deep, but a beautiful beauty within as well as just physical.”Look: my weight ever fluctuates, who cares. What’s important is how healthy you are and how good you feel in inside.”

Bee venom is the “secret weapon” used by many celebrities worldwide, including Kate Middleton who apparently used New Zealand bee venom for her pre-wedding celebrations.

Kalon Skincare’s Vitality Cream Mask is an exclusive luxury blend that hydrates deeply and over time smoothes out wrinkles and fine lines. For refreshingly natural healthy looking skin it can be used as a mask three times a week or daily. No bees are harmed in the collecting of bee venom. In fact, it is less harmful to the bees than collecting honey. Kalon Skincare is bringing advanced skin care and some of natures best sourced active ingredients to women and men on the move worldwide. The Kalon Skincare system enhances both your inner and outer beauty.

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