Celestial InfernoADDISON, Ill. /New York Netwire/ — Starting in February 2012, renowned author and entrepreneur Aaron Ozee compiled his poetic works into a beautifully constructed collection of boundary-breaking masterpieces that would stun literary minds across the United States. At first, according to the author, Ozee believed that if even a single person were to enjoy what he had written for the world to witness, it would mean more to him than anything he has or would ever experience in his lifetime.

In the following test, the author describes his own adventures in publishing.

According to the author, Ozee hilariously underestimated what he had created and with the uprising of his first title “Celestial Inferno: Poems of Another Realm” (ISBN: 9781304103871), his name was no longer kept in the shadows of society, but recognized heroically for his youthful enthusiasm towards literature and his unique innovations in the realm of poetry.

Months following Ozee’s initial debut on the world’s leading online self-publishing market Lulu.com, he had begun working on three other titles, “Peacefully Poetic” (ISBN 9781304103956), “Scribed Asylum” (ISBN 9781304104045), and “Southern Style (ISBN 9781304104144), which eventually turned him into an overnight sensation; April 2012. Promoting his works just through a single market of strictly “print-on-demand” only through Lulu seemed to level Ozee’s aspiration a bit and encouraged him to expand his products into yet another groundbreaking arena. Introducing his titles to the eBook market would be a challenge for Ozee, especially since he desired to get his books listed with big chain retailers such as Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Kobo Books, Sony, and many others who would aid his quest in making it to the top.

Feverishly looking for the quickest solution to resolve his blocked issue, Ozee has at last stumbled upon a company called Smashwords Inc., which would inevitably turn into Ozee’s primary eBook publisher and get him listed with some of the largest bookstore chains in the world. February 2013, an entire year following the release of his first book, Ozee had at last finalized his childhood mission in achieving the impossible. Media giants would soon publish articles about his success story through websites that would eventually place Ozee on the path to a very fulfilling and profitable career. May 2013, Ozee had released his fifth title, “Horrific Paradise” (ISBN 9781304104427), which immediately became an instant success upon its release online, both through Lulu and Smashwords.

Today, Ozee says that he “stands as one of the youngest and most successful authors in the world and continues to break literary records through tireless hard work and effortless motivation.” Ozee was interviewed by a reporter for an online journal in which he stated, “Never once did I ever think that I would become something in which I believed to be unreachable, but by telling myself to keep on trying, I was able to accomplish something in my life that changed me for the better.”

Aaron Ozee is persistently “seeking media attention to cover his latest and greatest milestones” and would appreciate any media inquiries or offers, so feel free to contact Aaron at: lumidrone@yahoo.com.

Learn more about books by Aaron Ozee at: http://www.lulu.com/aaronozee/ .

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